2001. Amateur Radio Peak. First attempt
Packing in progress.  Nodir, EY8MM and Vladimir, EY8HB
300 km from Dushanbe.
Road keeps us awake all the time.
Bartang valley. First difficulties,
Toyota's air filter too low for this river. Kadam EY8BF keep temp pipe in hand.
20 km walk to Sarez lake from last point of populated area.
To Sarez lake.
Short break.
That what I found on the rock. Those guys were working on Sarez lake.
Some heavy parts we carried on donkeys.
Future Amateur Radio peak. 5879 m ASL
Sarez and Shadau lakes. 3200 m ASL
Last tests for equipment. Inv. L for 40/GP 20. IC706MKIIG.
After few km by water we finaly started climb.
Sarez and Shadau lakes.
Pleasant level of 3200 m.
Sarez lake from 4700 m ASL.
Some QSO's to home and friends. We have to save batteries.
Alik Rzhepakowsky came from Israel to join us.
First night on 4400.
Break for some food and drink.
Base camp on 4900 m.
Base camp on 4900 m.
Our goal from 4700 m level.
Left side from the peak top.
Next day we started 4:00AM.
View to the west side.
Safety first. So we decide to try next year. On the way down.
EY1ARP operation from 5632 m.
EY8MM, EY8BF, EY8AV, Eugene, EY8HB, Yuri
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