2006. Travel to Finland. Contest Club Finland meeting
Nodir EY8MM and Bernie W3UR
Teemu SM0WKA and Nodir EY8MM .
Martti OH2BH and Nodir EY8MM @ OH2BH Contest QTH.
Antennas @ OH2BH.
Antennas @ OH2BH.
Antennas @ OH2BH. Impressive 3 el. 80 m yagi
Home shack @ OH2BH. Look at these plaques! Wow!
M/S Gabriella will sail OH-OH0-SM and back with CCF participants.
It is time to board.
Toni OH2UA opens CCF meeting 2006.
Nodir EY8MM, Pekka OH1RY, Ville OH2MM and Tonno ES5TV.
EY8MM during short stay in Stockholh.
CCF meeting in progress.
Slava ES1AJ and Tonno ES5TV
Nodir EY8MM and Nigel G3TXF
Nodir EY8MM, Don G3XTT, Roger G3SXW, Slava ES1AJ
Nodir EY8MM, Toni OH2UA and Artem EY8BA
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