My QTH and Shack 1983 till present
Tajikistan located in Central Asia
Tajikistan map.
EY call areas.
Google Earth view. Dushanbe
Google Earth view. EY8AA and EY8MM houses.
Google Earth view. EY8MM home.
Nodir UJ8-040-186 operating as UK8JBD. 1983.
My shack in 1985.
1989. 4 element 20 m yagi and quad for 10,12,15 meters
My shack. 1992
My shack in 2001
C31XR installation 2004.
Alex EY8CQ helped me to install C31XR tribander. 2004
C31XR installation.About 7 m up with temporary guy wires. 2004
EY8MM Shack 2005.
2010 layout.
2010. EY8MM, EY8DD, EY8CC
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