1981. EK8R DX-pedition to Pamir mountains
Expedition members during meeting in Tursoon-Zadeh city.
Expedition members in the base camp. 1st row UJ8JGJ (now RU2FL), UJ8JCF (EY8AA), UJ8040186 (EY8MM), 2nd row UA1BX, UA3AHF (RZ3AA), UJ8SAS, UJ8JJJ (EY8JJ)
UJ8JCF and UJ8-040-186. Son and grandson of the poet.
Edelweiss flover. On 4100 m ASL
Expdeition antennas. 2 element quad 10-15 and 2 element yagi on 20 m
Slava UJ8JGJ
Alexej UA1BX checking 1 KW generator.
UJ8-040-186 and expedition cook.
2-element 20 m yagi
Masud UJ8JCF
Helicopter's take off.
Mountain climbers packing their bag before 3-day climb.
Sign will be mounted on the top of nameless peak.
Overnight camp.
On the way to the top.
Nameless peak has been climbed and named after Mirzo Tursoon-Zadeh. 6038 m ASL.
Tursoon-Zadeh peak
Tursoon-Zadeh peak
Tursoon-Zadeh peak. 6038 meters above sea level.
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