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160 & 80 M ACTIVITY

At this section I am writing about plans and results of Low Band activity. My city QTH is too noisy and I am trying to use available towers in the countryside QTH which belongs to research center. That is why my Low Band activity limited to major contests and DX-peditions. Some pictures of the station are available in Picture Gallery section.

So far I logged 582 USA qso's on 160 meters and 1107 qso's on 80 meters as per February 27, 2013. You can see on the picture below that whole continental USA comes over polar pass.

February 2013

Last two years I spent a lot of efforts to built remote control system. I am glad to say that starting fall 2012 I was able to solve most of the problems and have station up and runnung. I operate station from city QTH which is about 14 km from Low Band countryside station. There are still some minor problem to overcome but it already started to pay devidents. I do operate almost daily which makes me available for skeds. Much easier to work New Ones. Couple of years ago I started blog about each New One I work on Topband. It is on Russian language since my writting English is embarassing.... I am trying to add little more information about station I worked to learn who is beyond callsign. Feel free to use online translate service if you are interested. Here the links to articles below.

Topband DXCC notes. 1993-2008.

Topband DXCC notes. 2009. Part 1

Topband DXCC notes. 2009. Part 2

Topband DXCC notes. 2010. Part 1

Topband DXCC notes. 2010. Part 2

Topband DXCC notes. 2011.

Topband DXCC notes. 2012.

Topband DXCC notes. 2013.

EY8MM Remote Control  system.

Latest pictures from Contest station. I am making a lot of tests so cables not in proper order till I can achive all goals. So it is an exuse for messy view. :)

Overview of remote station.

Dust protection housing for radio.

Antenna switchers.

August 2011

CQ magazine published results of CQ WW DX CW Contest 2010. EY8MM 1st place World SOSB 160 m.

August 2010

CQ magazine published results of CQ WW DX CW Contest 2009. EY8MM 1st place World SOSB 160 m. 

February 26-28, 2010

We are going to operate CQ WW 160 SSB as Multi Op. EY8ZF team: EY8BI, EY8MM, K4ZW, RV0AR. Following week Ken EY8/K4ZW and Pavel EY8/RV0AR will operate 160-40 using their call signs. 

January 15, 2010

WAS 160 meters # 1086 issued. 

December 18, 2009

I will be visiting station for small repair work and will be on 160/80 today. Skeds welcome via e-mail. 

December 9, 2009

December 9, 2009 at 2327Z WAS 160 m was completed with two QSOs. AB4IQ (KY) and W0SD (SD) came back to my CQ. Unless 80 m which takes years of hard work WAS on 160 m took eleven month of active stage. Propagation on Jan 22 was starting point and within few days I reached 40+ states level. Fall season conditions allowed me to work rest of States I was looking for. As far as my knowlidge this is second 160 WAS made from Zone 17. Gena UA9MA completed this award few weeks earlier. I would like to thank all US Hams who helped me with this project for their pation, comming for skeds and waiting for short opennings to make a QSO. 

December 8-9, 2009

Excellent openning to NA today. Worked 4 new States. Sorry for those whom I was not able to pull out of noise. Being called by HC8GR was fantastic surprise!

States worked on 160.


November 27, 2009

Worked Yuri VE2IM for last zone on 160 meters today. Yuri was weak but stable copy for 30 minutes before he heard I am calling. 

November 24, 2009

All day spent for RX antenna installation. Now all Beverages up and station ready for contest. Some minor changes in antennas planned. Even condition was not perfect today and polar passes was closed completely few DX came into the log on 160. Three new countries VK9XX, A25NW, FG/F6AUS. Perfect signals from AFRICA 9L7NS, 5N7MGI and Sourth America. Worked 4 stations from Brasil with very special signals. Please look for me on 160 every night including in the contest.  

November 13, 2009

My plan is to make station operational by CQ WW CW. This year later than usual because I had to travel during CQ WW SSB. I made some ocasional trips to the station to work rare expeditions. I used to have temporary installed Beverages. So this fall I worked FT5GA, 3D2KJ, LU5YF, CX6VM, 3D20CR, R1FJM, K4M, TO7RJ, 5H3EE, TX3A, YJ0CCC for New Ones. Was very happy to work two states also. N9ADG-WA and KA7T-ID.

I will make few trips to the station before Nov 24. On that day I will come to install all RX antennas and will stay till end of the contest. I am not planning serious entry in CQ WW CW and more likely will do some DXing on 160/80. TBD


February 1, 2009

Our activity on 160/80 meters is over. My logs been updated on my Web page Search section and LOTW.

This January I made 2,136 QSO. (1,593 on 160 meters). 225 QSO's were made with USA on the Topband and 21 with Canada. This figures includes some dupes. I am happy to report and that I worked 11 new ones on 160 and 2 on 80 meters. Ken EY8/K4ZW made over 2,500 QSOs. Detailed statistics is not available but all these QSOs will be uploaded on LOTW when Ken returns home. I would like to thank all supporters and we are happy than Topband condition was helpfull. Station is already disassembled and brought back home. 73! de K4ZW and EY8MM.


January 31, 2009

It will be our last night today. Than equipment will be packed and station closed till next season. Depends on QRL I might come for day to catch some rare DX-peditions. I will have only one BV antenna. Ken K4ZW managed to log 22 stations from USA on Topband. Since Jan 22 I worked over 200 QSO's with USA including WW 160 contest. Last night we had excellent signals from Carribeans but missed P40 and V31 again as they QSY for 80 meters just before my Sunrise peak. Great signal from FW5RE on Topband was highlight of this night. We will continue looking for NA today and also I will keep chasing New Ones. 

January 30, 2009

Ken EY8/K4ZW did a great job on 80 and 160 m tonight. Band was open to USA so he logged about 10 stations. I was active also and most of US station I worked were dupes. Please refraid from that because opennings are really short and I am getting number of messages that I was heard but no QSO. I copied ZP6CW today but no qso. Good openning to Carribean and great signals. I hope more stations will be active about 2300-0200Z so I can also get some new ones. SA and NA are most difficult areas to work from Central Asia.

Only two nights left till we close station till next Topband season.


January 29, 2009.

Band condition improved and we worked few stations from NA. It was very short peak but signals were really good. Two nights left of our activity. Please look for us and refraid making dupes if we are running pile up. We monitor packet cluster so your spots can help us understand conditions and switch to appropriate TX and RX antennas. No cluster QSO's of course.

Ken K4ZW, Eduard EY7AF, Nodir EY8MM.


January 28, 2009

Ken EY8/K4ZW trying his best to operate 160 m but band is not really opennend to EU and NA. He made about 700 QSO on 160 and 80 (mainly 160). Ken is trying hard to work NA stations but logged only VE1ZZ so far. VE1ZZ was not very strong. Today we will concetrate on QRL and will need to refill generator. Only promissing thing is that EU signals got a little stronger.

I have updated my Logsearch page today. I am getting many e-mail messages to check my log for qso. Please see logsearch page first. That log includes CQ 160 contest now. In case you are not in log please be patient. I will reply to all questions in a little while. Please note that me and Ken K4ZW has bussiness tasks to do which has priority. Than second priority to operate 160 meters. We have constant lack of time so please understand us correctly.


January 26, 2009

Contest is over. Please see my score in the CONTEST section.

Ken K4ZW and Ed EY7AF arrived today and we will reach site today eveing. Still no electricity so we will use generator. We planed to have two stations on 80 and 160 at the same time but might change this till commercial power is back.


January 25, 2009

Drived back to home to have little rest. Commercial power was off so I lost 6 hours of contest time before I managed to start generator. It was best time for running EU and JA so my score in the contest will be low. I will continue contest operation anyway. Highlights in the contest: over 50 USA stations, XE1RCS with incredible signal, and some extraordinary DX came back to my CQ. Will write more details after the contest.

I briefly checked states I worked last 3 days. I was very surprised to see that it comes to 40 states! So WAS on 160 looks not unreal now. But most of needed states are on Weast Coast....

States worked on 160.


January 22-23, 2009

Best ever condition to North America. Worked 148 USA and 9 VE stations. KL7RA and CE1/K7CA were new countries and new zones. Online log has been updated. I am not able to check states of the stations worked today but I know that I reached at least 36 states level.
Current WAZ number is 37 zones. Looking for zones 2, 6 and 13. 

January 22, 2009

I am on position now. All RX antennas on place. Ready to take off.. 

January 21, 2009

Beginning of my operation delayed due electricity problem on my contest QTH. It is unknown how long will it takes to fix the problem. 

January 21-26, 2009.

My next trip planned on Jan 21-26. I plan to operate few days before CQ WW 160 and in the contest itself. Main priority will be given to Topband (especialy my Sunrise time). Some QSY on 80 m are possible for prearranged skeds.

From Jan 26 I will be joint by Ken K4ZW who will be active on 160 meters as well. Feb 1 we will QRT. We hope to catch good openning to NA/SA which is most difficult areas to work from Central Asia.

I will try to make daily updates on this page to inform Topbanders about progress of our Micro-Expedition.


My 160 and 80 m antennas to NA/EU. Extensive screen between two towers used as a reflector.

States worked on 160. Alaska Not worked.


December 1, 2008.

I am back from contest QTH. Over 3000 QSO on 160/80. Ten New ones worked on Topband and one on 80.
With QSO with Bill K0HA I completed 5BWAS. It took me only 23 years. I would like to thank all fellow Hams who spent their time trying countless skeds on 80 meters. That is most difficult award from Central Asia and I am very satisfied with work done. I think that it is good reason to have drink today! :) 

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